A Movement of Discipleship

“To ignite a life-on-life missional discipleship movement in churches throughout Europe.”

The Spiritual Pathway

Bringing people through each stage of their Spiritual journey.

Unbelief to Belief Unbelief to Belief

The initial step for every disciple is moving from unbelief to belief. Our responsibility as disciple makers is to use effective tools, God’s word and intentional relationships to bring people to Christ in the places where we Live, Work and Play.

Belief to Maturity Belief to Maturity

A disciple maker must be intentional about establishing a new believer in the faith and bringing them to maturity. Part of this involves helping them understand and grow in their relationships with God, self and others.

Maturity to Leadership Maturity to Leadership

The destination for every disciple is to take the step from maturity to leadership. This involves equipping them to lead their families, friends and others within their sphere of influence down the Spiritual Pathway. 

Our Training Clinics

Clinic 1: January 4-6, 2015

Clinic 1: January 4-6, 2015

Clinic 1 is the foundational clinic which we call the Envisioning Stage. This Clinic is focused on your personal understanding of discipleship and Christ as the foundation. Our desire is that Clinic 1 is not simply another conference you attend, take notes and then return to your church without the ability to implement the things you have […]

Clinic 2: August 9-15, 2015

Clinic 2: August 9-15, 2015

Clinic 2 is unlike any training event you will ever experience. It is focused on how you are practically and intentionally leading a discipleship group. We have designed this event to be as Life on Life as possible by welcoming participants who have attended Clinic 1, as well as their families, for what we call the […]

Clinic 3: January, 2016

Clinic 3: January, 2016

Clinic 3 is held in Warsaw for participants who have attending both Clinic 1 and Clinic 2 and is considered the Empowering Stage. This is focused on giving you the resources to create a movement within your church. The goal of Clinic 3 is to utilize the experience you have gained for the past year of […]


“Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.”

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer


What others are saying about Life on Life Missional Discipleship.

Zbyszek	 Tarkowski, Warsaw Poland

“As the pastor of Puławska Church I have always been concerned whether or not we were intentional about making disciples. People came to the building, they heard the messages, but their lives weren’t being transformed. Life on Life Missional Discipleship gave us the process we were missing to make mature and equipped followers of Christ.”

- Zbyszek Tarkowski, Warsaw Poland
Ela Juszczyszyn- Płock, Poland

“I was a part of each of the Life on Life Missional Discipleship Clinics. It was through the clinics that I truly understood the importance of intentionally targeting the heart of disciples and not just looking for behavior modification. I have been leading a Life on Life Missional Discipleship Group for 3 years now and have seen, not just the change in the women I am with, but the change that God has been doing in mine life also.”

- Ela Juszczyszyn- Płock, Poland
Andrzej Gorski- Poznań, Poland

“I have been working in ministry for years focused on reaching unbelievers and establishing new fellowships. What I have realized is that Life on Life Missional Discipleship is the link between the two. If discipleship and multiplication isn’t a part of the DNA of the leaders before the church is planted, we will find ourselves with a leadership deficit and an inability to plant reproducing churches.”

- Andrzej Gorski- Poznań, Poland